Hashmath Pasha Associates and HP Unique & Co., in the guidance of Sr. Adv. Hashmath Pasha, are one of the best Criminal Law Firm in Bangalore and in the State of Karnataka.

Our Motto
  • Understand your requirement thoroughly
  • Serve you better and
  • Succeed in each and every litigation

Our firm, have fought many cases in the Sessions as well as the High Court which have been of very serious nature and have achieved success for the client in the toughest of situations.

We believe that the most precious right of a person is life and liberty, which is a fundamental right, guaranteed by our Constitution and therefore are known to strive our best in each and every litigation to ensure a positive result for our clients.

With our experience over the decades, we have gained perfect and professionalised knowledge of Criminal Law and this enables us to analyse the ultimate effect of each case that we take up.

Our firm is guided by the principles of natural justice and ethics and are well-known in the law circles for our attention in hearing and understanding the client’s cases in order to work towards protecting life and liberty.

We have a batch of lawyers who follow each and every stage of the case without there being any cause of concern to the clients.

With the able guidance of Sr. Adv. Hashmath pasha, whose has exceptional expertise in Criminal Law practice, our success ratio is extremely high.

Our specialisation is on Criminal Law and positive outcome is always expected when the services of Sr. Adv. Hashmath Pasha are engaged.

About Sr. Adv. Hashmath Pasha

Sr. Adv. Hashmath Pasha is a Rank holder in all the three years of LLB degree and is a Gold medallist in Constitutional Law. As a Senior Advocate, he is one of the top defence lawyers in India, located & practicing in Bangalore, both at High Court of Karnataka and Sessions Courts of Bangalore.

Sr. Adv. Hashmath Pasha has an experience of conducting more than a thousand criminal cases and has attained the stage of perfection and gained special knowledge of Criminal Law.

Considering his expertise, knowledge and command over the Criminal law, he has been recognized as a Designated Senior Advocate by the Karnataka High Court.

He has always held the profession of law in very high regard and as a Senior Advocate designated as such by the High Court, the dignity of the profession and ethics are of even more critical importance.

08 26 October 2014


Awarded as "Kayaka Shree" on 26-10-2014 from Vishwa Veerashaiva Parishath (Reg.)

Sr. Adv. Hashmath Pasha has been awarded with "National Excellence Award" for outstanding services, best achievement and contributions by "National Forum of Delhi" on the occasion of 56th Independence Day.

His awards:

Gold Medal in LLB

National Excellence Award

Kayaka Shree Award

Court's Amicus Curiae